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Why are Rodney Red Custom Fit Performance aluminum radiators better than copper/brass?

Number one reason, the tubes! The great secret behind Rodney Red Custom Fit Performance aluminum radiators is the flat thin tubes. You see while copper actually transfers heat a little better than aluminum, it has another quality that is a big problem. It is a brittle material. When copper is extruded into flat thin tubes, it cannot hold up to the pressures generated by your cooling system!

Flat thin aluminum tubes have several advantages over round or oval copper tubes:
  • Flat thin tubes forces all of your coolant to come into contact with the walls of the tubes. This is vital because that is how heat is transferred or dissipated. The walls of the tubes pulls heat out of the coolant and then the walls and the fins passes the heat into the cooler air you are PULLING through the radiator. (You should pull air through a radiator whenever possible because it is much more efficient than pushing) Round or oval copper/brass tubes actually allows much of the coolant to pass through without coming into contact with the heat dissipating wall of the tube! Leaving your baby to get hotter and hotter and hotter!
  • Flat thin tubes are also better because you can get more rows of tubes in the opening you have for your radiator. If you count the number of rows of tubes in your old technology copper/brass radiator, and count the number of rows of tubes in a new technology Rodney Red Cutom Fit Performance aluminum radiator you will have up to 1/3 more tubes. This means more cooling capacity in the same space. This means you WILL run at cooler tempatures guaranteed!
  • Rodney Red Custom Fit Performance aluminum radiators are fully welded. NO epoxy! Epoxy like lead solder which is used in copper/brass radiators will NOT transfer heat. The aluminum rod our craftsmen use is just like the rest of the radiator, it transfers heat! Our cores contain 2 rows of 1 inch tubes. Just 2 rows of 1 inch tubes exceeds the cooling capacity of a 5 row copper/ brass radiator. Why? See above, flat thin tubes, and more linear tube length in the same space! All this equals enough cooling capacity to COOL down your HOT ride!

Will I have to cut my radiator core support?

NO METAL ALTERATIONS ARE REQUIRED WITH RODNEY RED PERFRORMANCE CUSTOM FIT RADIATORS! That's right we build them to fit your car! Why cut up your car when you dont have to! Install a Rodney Red Custom Fit Performance aluminum radiator in your stock location.

Can I use the stock shroud and fan assemblies?

We build them so you can use your STOCK FAN AND SHROUD! For most applications you can and should use your stock shroud and fan set up. Electric fans are fine, but are not necessary in most applications. If you are doing a lot of racing there may be an advantage with an electric set up, but not in most other cases. If you use an electric, or external transmission cooler etc. DO NOT USE NYLON TIES THROUGH YOUR RODNEY RED ALUMINUM RADIATOR. Chances are VERY GOOD you will wear a possibly unrepairable hole in the core of your radiator! We can help with brackets and other ways to mount your electric fan.

Attention: If you use an electric fan set up whenever possible PULL the air through your Rodney Red radiator. Pulling air is much more efficient than pushing it. More cooler air means more cooling capability.

Why are universal fit radiators cheaper?

BEWARE of "cheap" universal fit radiators. They are called universal fit for a reason! We have talked to many of you who tried to "save money" with a universal and are sorry. You need to read the fine print carefully many universals are 1/2 a radiator! Many universal radiators only use 1 row, not 2 rows of tubes! You are getting 1/2 a radiator that will NOT be up to cooling your machine at slow or idle speeds. These 1 row radiators are good for race only applications! Even if it is a 2 row, why cut your car up to "save some money"? What have you really saved?


What kind of guarantee do you offer?

We guarantee your satisfaction! Should you have a problem with our fully welded and fully tested radiator CALL us! We will work with you until you are satisfied. We want to hear from you! Call us and talk to management, not a customer service rep paid to shine you on until you give up and go away. We love and build cars too, we know how frustrating it can be to lay down HARD earned cash, and then be disappointed! We don't want that to happen to you when you deal with Rodney Red Performance Products. Call us and we will do everything we can to make it RIGHT!

We guarantee you will be satisfied with the tempature drop or your money will be refunded, provided you are using a fan, and shroud, your timing is properly set, carb is properly adjusted etc. As you know cooling involves many elements, but we guarantee your satisfaction!

What kind of cap do I need?

custom CNC machined aluminum caps
We offer custom CNC machined aluminum caps both polished and machine finish. These caps are machined to fit over a standard pressure cap. Our custom caps includes a 15# pressure cap, which is what we recommend using on our radiators. This cap really sets off the performance look of your Rodney Red Custom Fit Performance Radiator!

Do you custom build radiators, and are they expensive?

Yes, we will build a radiator for any application. We prefer to build this type of radiator by using your current or stock radiator as a pattern. You can ship it to us for about $10-$15 and we will build you a Custom Fit Performance aluminum radiator and ship both back to you! We can also build from a highly detailed carefully measured drawing. Turn around time is usually about 2 weeks after receipt of your radiator!

Cost is usually VERY reasonable. Give us a call and let us prove it to you!

What about your pulleys? What do they fit? Are they available without underdrive?

under drive pulleys
The CNC machined solid billet 6061 aluminum pulleys are machined to provide 15% underdrive for your accessories. They fit the Pontiac 400 and 455 manufactured between '69 1/2 to '79. These engines use the 4 1/2 water pump. We have had a few customers put them on other applications with some adapting.

We are planning on machining standard pulleys if the demand is apparent, so call us and vote with your wallet! We will make them if you demand them!

Polished or machine finished they REALLY dress up your beautiful Pontiac engine!

How do I order?

We have a shopping cart and are able to accept credit cards securely. We accept Discover, Visa and Mastercard.

You can also call us toll free 877.962.7733.

Money orders and Personal checks are accepted too, however your check MUST clear the bank before building of custom orders or shipment will take place. This slows down your order by 2-3 weeks but we will work with you on this type of payment.

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